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Note to Parents  
  • The parents may meet the staff & discuss the performance of the child after each Teminal Examination on Result Day.
  • Please acknowledge prompty all School circulars regarding fees, programmes, parent-teacher meet, fine, etc. and comply with instructions contained in these circulars and letters.
  • Please do not ask for leave of absence for students during terminals and Semesters except incase of emergency.
  • Please send your ward strictly according to the School Hours and check that he is always in proper school uniform.
  • Please send sufficient and nutritious food in the lunch box for your ward.
  • Please note that the school telephone is only for official use. No student will be allowed to make or receive personal calls except in case of an emergency.
  • Please attend Parent Teacher Meet whenever held and also on the day and date if called by the School.
  • Please fix an appointment before you come to School to meet the teachers in connection with your ward.
  • Please pay personal attention to the Health and Hygiene of your ward.
  • Ensure that the student is not in possession of valuable articles, suc as gold chains, rings, expensive watches and mobile, etc.
  • Make a strict study schedule for the child at home with congenial, peaceful, quiet atmosphere and an occasional slient supervision.
  • The Report Card must be returned to the School after due signatures on the next working day from the date of its issue.
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